Baby Button- Adorable Ragdoll Kittens (Lawrence, Kansas)

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condition: new
Our Seal Point Lynx Ragdoll kittens are absolutely adorable! They are extremely soft and snuggly. Their birthday was 1.22.24
The mama kitty is a gorgeous, gentle, affectionate long haired Seal Point Lynx Ragdoll. She has been giving birth to kittens identical to herself, as well as the chocolate cinnamon, and other rich patterns of color.
Baby Button is a beautiful loving kitten. If you are familiar with this breed, you will know that the full blood kittens go for two grand a piece, so our pricing is very affordable. The kittens are fully weaned and litter box trained, ready for their new homes. 🖤

Ragdoll cats are sometimes described as ‘puppy cats’ or ‘puppy-like’ because they love to be around people and are considered much more affectionate than the average cat.

When you also take into account their big blue eyes, cute faces, silky coats and easy-going nature, it’s no wonder they are an increasingly popular choice.

Physical traits and appearance of Ragdoll cats

Ragdolls come in six colours: seal (dark brown to black-brown), blue (bluish grey), chocolate (warm or medium brown), lilac, red, and cream. Their fur can also come in several basic patterns including:

Colourpoint/pointed, where the basic colour is darker on the ‘points’ (paws, tail, ears and face)
Mitted, where there is also white on some of the points (front paws, rear legs, chest and chin)
Bi-colour, where the face has two different colours
Ragdoll temperament and personality traits

Ragdolls make incredible companions and have become an increasingly popular breed. Most Ragdolls are:

Affectionate and loving
Laid-back and easy-going
Highly intelligent and trainable
Receptive to consistency and routine
Ragdolls love being with people and will follow you around like a fluffy shadow, looking for love and affection. They are even known to greet you at the door when you get home.

Because of their gentle, affectionate and laid-back nature, Ragdoll cats are perfect for families with children. They love to play and do so with their claws retracted, which provides for safer interactions and helps reduce play-related accidents.

Because they have such easy-going natures, Ragdoll cats do not fare so well outside of the home, and so are particularly suited to being indoor cats.

In addition to being so calm and affectionate, Ragdoll cats are also highly intelligent. With a bit of patience, it’s possible to teach them basic tricks like ‘fetch’ and ‘roll over’.

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